Best Kept Secret

Staten Island’s The Secret Garden Eco-Salon and Spa offers customers a glimpse of their true inner beauty by emphasizing outside transformation through the doorways of style and confidence.

Innovation – it is the consequence of change and a step towards reinvention. When Vivian Pisano opened the doors to Staten Island’s very first eco-friendly salon and beauty headquarters, introducing something new wasn’t her only mission. She wanted to be bold, fresh – envisioning a standout center for fashion founded on environmentally-conscious sentiments while retaining classic sensibilities. Thus, The Secret Garden was born, providing its clientele with unique and natural alternatives to fine cosmetic care and style consultation conveniently housed under one roof.

As with any successful enterprise, it is an ensemble effort – priding itself upon community awareness and the exchange of big ideas between artists, stylists, and specialists alike. The Secret Garden boasts a diverse array of cosmetologists and experts practicing within a charming, yet lavish atmosphere. Providing a vast expanse of luxuries from skincare, nail care, lash art, and nearly everything in-between, Pisano’s celebrated boutique welcomes visitors to explore the metamorphic power of elegance by nourishing what really matters – their souls.

Perhaps no one understands this quite like Yasmin Gaffar-Cusick, a seasoned and talented colorist who has now been a part of Pisano’s team for over five years. A graduate of numerous European cosmetology schools and once the boss of her own salon, Yasmin sought to wholly embrace her lauded reputation as a veteran and premiere beautician by pursuing what really mattered – her devotion to the craft. Leaving her own business behind, she happily joined The Secret Garden as both a master colorist and beauty consultant after learning of the team’s initiative for environmentally-sound pampering. It was a decision near to her heart, as she always remained passionate about embracing an organic lifestyle. With the rare opportunity to merge beliefs with her profession, the choice became undoubtedly clear.

Yasmin’s loyal clients excitedly followed her to her new home, as she continues to treat them with the same dedication and painstaking diligence that she always presents on their first meeting. Her secret is the individualized attention – learning each customer’s preferences and devising an exclusive look that takes into consideration all of her colleagues’ expertise and the person’s own distinct characteristics. You don’t have to take her word for it, as Yasmin’s long list of dedicated patrons will vouch for her commitment to moving forward and reassessing their image. There is no set look for this stylist, as she strives to reinvent each individual regardless of how long they have been seeking her exceptional skills.

With a level of unparalleled enthusiasm and unwavering sincerity, Yasmin believes she has found her place at The Secret Garden for a one very particular reason – the ability to express her gifts in an encouraging setting. The entire staff knows that pleasant surroundings leads to happy work, and it is this responsibility that translates into a statement of profound potential amidst such a group of dynamic artists. It is their freedom that permits them to experiment, to collaborate and engage in various cosmetic feats while maintaining their personal voice and simply loving what they do. If this imperative is any indication of their outstanding service, rest assured, the caliber is most certainly extraordinary.