Hollywood Glamour

The Italian fashion house, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, is playing the chic glamour card with its makeup line for the end-of-year holidays. The aim is a sophisticated allure, reminiscent of the legendary names of 1930s and 1940s cinema.
Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow and Rita Hayworth: these Hollywood icons of the 1930s and 1940s, with their luminous eyes and clear complexion, have been the inspiration behind Giorgio Armani Beauty’s makeup line for Christmas 2015.
This is a chance to immerse yourself for the holiday season in the sophisticated aesthetic of those high-glamour years. The design house is offering a limited edition for eyes and complexion, and new shades for two of its star products.
A “Luxe is More” look and a silky complexion
Giorgio Armani has unveiled the “Luxe is More” palette for the complexion and the eyes. Its oversize format and golden shades are inspired by the cozy boudoirs of the 1930s.
This two-level palette contains ten matte/shimmer eye shadows in shades ranging from gold to jet black and including metallic and beige tones. This gives the option of a subtle look during the day and maximum glamour in the evening.
There is a second level hidden below these eyeshadows, which is all about the complexion. A pressed power can be used to matify, and two shades of cream-in-a-compact foundation can be used for sculpting and enhancing the complexion by covering any imperfections. The box also includes two brushes and two sponges.
Pearly tones and luminosity for a glamorous allure
Two of the brand’s star products — the Eye Tint fluid eyeshadow and the Lip Maestro lip lacquer — will be available in new shades for this special holiday season collection. The former’s formulation is enriched with “Mirage Bright Silver” shimmer to give a silvery e ect (in “shadow”, “gold ashes” and “silver mirage”), and the latter’s has been enhanced by “Fire Spectral” pearls to give it a matte and luminous finish (in “boudoir”, “pearly nude” and “ruby nude”).