Indulge… Then Eliminate The Bulge

The holiday season… friends, family and the food! You try to be good, show restraint, but it’s overwhelming. It seems harder and harder to eliminate the bulges that appear even after minor indiscretions. Working out and dieting helps, but they don’t target the speci c problem areas.

Now there is help. Staten Island Plastic Surgeon, John W. Decorato, M.D. has been instrumental in the development of a new laser device with Cynosure, an aesthetic laser company based in Massachusetts. This new non-invasive laser, SculpSure, performs a 25 minute treatment at the site of a fatty bulge. Within 2 months, the treated fat melts away. The treatment is not painful, with only the sensation of warmth to the treatment site, and requires no downtime or post-treatment therapy.

Sculpsure is the first FDA approved laser device for non-invasive treatment of fat excess of the abdomen and flanks. According to Dr. Decorato, the fat cells, known as adipocytes, are injured during the laser treatment. The injured cells are recognized by the body’s immune system and those injured fat cells are permanently removed from the body. There is no rise in cholesterol or lipid levels as the removal of the injured fat cells is a very gradual process.

Patient satisfaction with the procedure is very high from both the comfort level of the procedure and reduction in fat in the treated site. “There is a

20 to 25% reduction in the number of fat cells in the treatment area“ states Dr. Decorato. “The patient undergoes the treatment and returns to their normal routine since this is a non-surgical treatment. Due to the innovative : design, multiple sites can be treated in one sitting”.

“I am very pleased that the results of this research project was so successful and that patients are happy with the outcome of their treatments” says Dr. Decorato. “It is very gratifying to know that this work will help people rid themselves of some excess fat without the need for surgery”.

Knowing that this type of technology is available may lessen some of guilt over the holiday celebrations.

John W. Decorato, MD, FACS Board Certified, Plastic Surgeon Medical Director

Aesthetic Pavilion Ambulatory Surgery Center 2777 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island, NY 10306