Jacques Torres Mr. Chocolate

Jacques Torres, world-famous chocolatier, has seemingly earned the name “Mr. Chocolate,” and for a very good reason.
After 40 years of mastering the art of pastry and being the youngest to receive the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France award, Jacques wanted to master something new…owning his own business. Why in chocolate, you may ask? Although Jacques has many passions, his “love for chocolate won.” He opened his first Jacques Torres location in Dumbo, Brooklyn in 2000. He chose to use his own name for the
store so that he could represent his chocolate on a personal level.
His passion is prevalent in the products he has on his shelves. Jacques emphasizes the importance of talking to his customers and listening to them. If you pop into one of his shops, you may see him conversing with customers and suggesting a gourmet chocolate that ful lls their craving.
He mingles with his customers to learn what they want. One day, Jacques was behind the counter watching a young mother calming her crying child with something unfamiliar to Jacques. He asked what it was and the mother responded a Cheerio, everyone loves Cheerios. He thought to himself, if people love Cheerios, why not cover them in chocolate? Walk into any Jacques Torres store today, and you will nd his popular chocolate covered Cheerios.
Alongside these irresistible treats, you will find delectable bon bons and cookies, which Jacques considers to be some of his specialties. However, our favorite is the warm, rich hot chocolate. Jacques hot chocolate is like no other, due to the fact that its not just powdered cocao; it is literally melted chocolate. Jacques offers classic hot chocolate as well as the “wicked” hot chocolate, which has a touch of spice for the adventurous chocolatiers. Although you think you’re coming for one of these classic desserts, you may be surprised to find croque monsieur’s. These melt- in-your-mouth, classic French sandwiches are made in-house and are perfect for sharing, so that you have room for dessert!
All of Jacques delicious chocolates are made from real, wholesome ingredients. As a child growing in Provence, France, Jacques fondly remembers the freshness of farm-to-table food, and successfully incorporates that quality into his products today. Jacques prides himself on the fact that there are no fake fillers, flavorings, or compounds in any of his products. He only uses real cocao, real fruit, and real nuts in order to make the famous gourmet chocolates. As Jacques states, “there is no compromising, all ingredients are real and that is why the real flavors come through.” “Mr. Chocolate” uses these fresh ingredients to make his chocolate right here in NYC. His factory is located in Brooklyn, and his 9 shops are located throughout the city.
Wrapped up in a candy box is the passion, the flavor, and the artistry of “Mr. Chocolate” himself, Jacques Torres.