The Belvedere Club

Stefano Sena, Execituve Chef/Co-owner, and Maria Buonsante, Co-owner, now bring their 30 years of restaurateur knowledge, expertise and talent to The Belvedere Club, the ex-officio name for Casa Belvedere members’ dining and special event venue. Stefano and Maria are committed to delivering a fine dining experience to Belvedere Club members and their guests. This coupled with a breathtaking location, creates a one of a kind, dining and destination venue experience.

Maria expressed a great deal of pride and excitement about introducing the elegance and splendour of Casa Belvedere to loyal patrons….“Thanks to Stefano’s exceptional food and our team’s customer service, we’ve developed a strong, steady clientele as well as an outstanding reputation,” said Maria Buonsante. “We believe many of our patrons will become Belvedere Club members and support The Italian Cultural Foundation’s mission and goals. The Belvedere Club will soon become what old and new members will refer to as their home away from home”.

Stefano Sena, Executive Chef and Co-owner adds, “Our vision is right in line with that of Casa Belvedere, to preserve the Italian Culture and heritage that’s so important for our children and future generations.” Stefano is not only passionate about his acclaimed cuisine, using only the finest and freshest ingredients; he is also passionate about his Italian upbringing. “Food is at the center of our heritage, it brings everyone together. Family, friends, business associates ‘A Tavola’(to the table)….Ahhhh, what better way to express our family values, traditions and customs then with these great meals, theme dinners, and cooking classes that we will offer at Casa Belvedere,” said Stefano.

So what is “The Belvedere Club ” all about and how does it work?

In New York City, private supper clubs started during the prohibition era for members who wanted drinks and entertainment with their dinner. In fact, at the turn of the century the term “supper club” was another name for a speakeasy. From the roaring 1920s on, many supper clubs began to pop up across the U.S., mostly in rural areas.

But a supper club also refers to a dining establishment that simultaneously functions as a social club with like-minded individuals. In general, supper clubs tend to present themselves as having a more elegant image. Patrons dressed up and enjoyed a night out, dining and dancing, without spending a fortune. Also, supper clubs became a popular venue for many celebrations and special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc.