The Marina Café

Where does the time fly when you enjoy what you do? For the most part the creative part comes from passion to creating and the experience has been enjoyed at The Marina Cafe for more then 35 years with remarkable events, traditions and day to day dining. In saying it can be said it is like a second home to Sam Corigliano along with his family, friends and patrons throughout the years. Looking back Hurricane Sandy struck the area and caused mass destruction on October 2012, boats where inside the restaurant. How do you start again after something so tragic – but that did not stop Sam from rebuilding. It took time to process and re-think of the rebuild as it was more then three decades at that time. But how do you walk away? When speaking with Sam, his thoughts at rst was to close this chapter and move forward just to walk away. Perhaps the writing was on the wall how do you put this back together? Like the saying, this ship has sailed time to move on and perhaps retire. The devastation of what happened was heartfelt and not something easily to let go. But his mind was unsettled and his family was in full support to continue the legacy. So with his heart still in it and his desire to keep The Marina Cafe back to form for old friends and new can rejoice and continue the legacy.