Best Wishes for a Glorious Season and in the New Year

Some days the pressure of life is more than enough to make one want to crawl under the covers and not come out, so it’s no wonder that so many cringe at the thought of setting New Year’s resolutions. Setting goals is a part of life, but I am not sure January 1st is the best time to do this. It’s cold and dark, and everyone is coming down from the high of the holidays. Not exactly a great time to tackle new projects when energy is low, which is probably why so many of us fail to keep the resolutions we set.
But… like many of you, though I hate the dreaded “R” word, making resolutions is a chance to start fresh, so I do like to put some thought into how I want the next year to be different. This year, I’m going to focus on specific actions that I want to take, instead of setting resolutions about general things. When a resolution is too general, it allows for all sorts of room for failure, which we all know is a huge drag and makes us all wonder why we even set resolutions in the first place. I am focusing on creating opportunities that will help me attain my goals in ways that I know I am going to follow, like spending time with people who have similar goals or incorporating my goals into things I already like to do. It’s almost like
tricking yourself into keeping your resolutions and with that sharing fun time with like minded friends.
In addition to all that…why does it only have to be at the start of year? Do you ever nd yourself simply reflecting on a Birthday? Or perhaps a monthly glance or any day of the year on a timeline that you and yourself to be on? Everyday should be a start with reviews of what we want and the climb of reaching upward and forward with goals and dreams.
The reality is….it is all worth it if we put our passion into developing what we want!
It has been a whirlwind year, but one that has helped me come to many conclusions about how I can and will live my life. I can say without question, as years pass by, I am more sure about what is important to me and what I will work hard for. This is different for everyone, and we should all give each other the space to live our lives how we see best for us. This is the essence of what Life is about, though I happily share my life lessons with you, in the hopes to inspire you.