Eddy Bogeart

The clock is ticking and the rush is on as gallerists, artists, luxury brands and venues race to secure their takeover of Miami and Miami Beach for the world’s largest contemporary art fair – Art Basel. The pressure of securing sponsors and booking entertainment, catering, and lighting is to be able to present their art in a way to motivate collectors from around the world and the public to buy that perfect piece they can’t live without. There are a myriad of openings and brand launches every night that keep the city a blaze throughout the night as celebrities support their favorite artists and party into the morning light.

Miami Art Week has become the super bowl of the art world and it is very easy to get lost in the shuffle so, we have profiled New York Artist Eddy Bogeart and George Borges Gallery as the ones to watch this year. We asked them both what it takes for them to prepare for Miami Art Week and why is it important for them to be a part of it?

The Wall Street Journal took note of Eddy Bogearts work last year and was quoted in saying “Eddy Bogaert

gave one-on-one tours in which he held forth at length on his vision and technique. Here, one might say, is the less commercial, more “authentic” artistic experience.”

The excitement of being part of the Art Basel continues as previously took part December 7th-10th Art Basel Miami Beach

Eddy Bogeart’s scope of work is described as a multi-dimensional, counter balance that taps into your desires and represents the release of primal emotions and thought. His complex style and pieces go beyond just what you see. To suggest his work is simply described as “mixed media”, is only the tip of the iceberg. His pieces exist on several planes at the same time and is like a portal into different dimensions that require guests to use 3-D glasses, black light and normal lighting too experience in its entirety. The life his art inspires recently caught the eye of Wilhemina Models NY and used his art as the theme of recent campaign for New York Fashion Week.

His exhibit opening is taunted to be one of the hottest in the art world during Miami Art Week and is a requirement to attend for art enthusiasts looking for the ultimate model party mixed with a little rock n roll, glitterati and celebrities.

He explained that as an up and coming artists, it is a major part of his yearly schedule to be a significant part

of the Art Basel experience. It is the one time of year where all the collectors, artists, celebrities and media from around the world gather together for one week. It’s the only place in the world where a discerning collector could very easily buy all the available pieces of a show simply because, he can recognize the worth and value in an artist and the longevity of his work. Art Basel locations for 2018, March 29th-31st 2018 Art Basel, Hong Kong, June 14th-17th 2018 Art Basel, Switzerland, December 6th-9th 2018, Art Basel, Miami Beach.