Publishers Note

High notes of the year: INDULGE Magazine start of it all – the Launch Party on June 23rd, was an all time high of a memorable spectacular event at The Belvedere Club. With our second extravagant event on October 8th at Angelina’s Ristorante, what a night for the INDULGE Fashion Couture Under The Stars. Upcoming event The Winter-Wonderland ICE BALL at The Stone House, so looking forward to the magic!

This special issue celebrates the winter season filled with holidays and luxe fashions. We also share with you the best-kept winter vacation secrets that have become celebrity favorites along with local fun adventures.

To capture the holidays, so pleased to have gracing our front cover – Master Pastry Chef Monsieur Jacques “Mr. Chocolate” Torres. Chocolate is the magic of the holidays and whimsy winter. Jacques Torres chocolate is quintessential New York, with each page turned-you will be delighted with anticipation of what is ahead. The delight of meeting him and the grand tour of what “real chocolate” is all about was amazing, and a genuine Master Chef indeed. One thing is for sure, Jacques Torres loves chocolate. His wife is none other than Beverly Hills chocolatier Hasty Torres, also known as Madame Chocolat. What a great dynamic duo team of chocolatiers!

As this year makes way for the next, I am filled with gratitude for the past and excited for the future. It has been an amazing year for INDULGE Magazine! Sharing in the excitement of the magazine, thank you to our dedicated team of vendors who are now like family as well my sta , many new friends, unique magical cover parties and proudly building our clients brands. Thank you to the loyalty as well as inspiration of our advertisers and readers for your kind words and notes.

It has always been my goal to present the region with a magazine that captures the spirit and lifestyle of its diverse readers. INDULGE magazine vibrant aesthetics, visually stunning covers, and strong editorial content that serves beyond the island. We have stayed true to this vision and we remain positive about where we are headed with much in the works and filled with anticipation.

From all of us here at INDULGE Magazine, we would like to wish every one of you and your family, a very happy holiday with a healthy wonderful New Year and sweet loving thoughts for Valentine’s Day! We will resume again in March for the Spring edition!